Guerlain – New Makeup 2012

Guerlain- Rouge G L'Extrait

Guerlain presents the new products for the 2012 academic year: Rose aux Joues (blush duo), Rouge G L’Extrait, and new shades for Ecrin 4 Couleurs, Rouge G, KissKiss Gloss, Rouge G Brillant and lip pen.

Rouge G Extract

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Intense and matte red cream.

Liquid, creamy, covering, ultra pigmented, velvety, this exceptional red allows make-up of insane sophistication.

With him, do not provoke… ignite!

The color matifies after a few moments and unfolds all its splendor. Non-sticky, non-drying, and even better, non-stringy, this luxurious texture is a waking dream, for hours on end, for all lovers of color.

Red Case G Extract

A formula with youthful and smoothing benefits; noticeable upon application, then over time, day after day. The Rouge G case is here reinterpreted, stretched, to encapsulate this liquid texture.

You pull, a click … And the double mirror, already so familiar, opens majestically. All you have to do is turn the cover to get the color which, from the end of its flocked tip, can be applied with elegance and simplicity.

7 shades, 7 deadly sins… to which succumb without delay! The beauty of color is limitless. Its uncompromising density responds to the guilty appeal of desire. Raspberry Gourmandise, plum Pride, orange d’Envie, beige Avarice, pink Sloth, ocher-brown Luxure and finally red Anger…

Guerlain - Cheek Rose
Guerlain – Cheek Rose

Pink cheeks

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A luxurious case, in the style of the Maison.

A pair of colors with a major shade to “blush” the cheekbones. And his younger sister in counterpoint for a learned mixture or a juxtaposition full of vibrations.

Pink Cheek Case

The brush, well supplied and bevelled, allows a gliding and a beautiful precision in the application.

Pink blush on the cheeks and available in 6 duo shades: peach boy, chic pink, over rose, pink punk, golden high, red hot.

New Guerlain Shades

Also discover the new shades on Fragrenza Perfumes du Rouge G (27 Gilda, 28 Genna, 47 Gisela, 76 Gracy), Ecrin 4 Couleurs (14 Les Fauves), KissKiss Gloss (851 Sable Show and 873 Grenade In), of Red G Gloss (Bonnie B04), and the pen Lips (42 Wood Indies).

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