Kimmi Fragrance Lily perfume

Kimmi Fragrance Lily perfume
Kimmi Fragrance Lily perfume

Lily, the floral and sparkling Japanese girl from Kimmi Fragrance

Kimmi Fragrance is a recent brand that was created in 2001. Initially, the brand had only the ambition to develop a consulting activity specializing in children’s products. However, the coincidence of the encounters meant that his activity should focus more on the manufacture and distribution of various objects of Japanese inspiration. However, Kimmi Fragrance has always kept in mind her desire to meet the needs of the little ones. Thus, the brand gradually developed a collection of perfumes for children. In collaboration with Koto Parfums, Kimmi Fragrance juices are intended for young people whose age ranges from babies to adolescents. It is therefore precisely in this philosophy that the Lily fragrance fits.

The Japanese inspiration of Kimmi Fragrance

Kimmi Fragrance is characterized first of all by its very particular and easily identifiable aesthetic. Indeed, their bottles all take the form of a small typically Japanese doll. It is inspired by the tradition of Kokeshi dolls. Initially, these small figurines were made by cabinet makers, and they were then offered as a token of love or friendship. Legend has it that they were supposed to protect the person who had them in their possession. Thus, to offer the perfume Lilycomes down to declaring all his love for his child, and protecting him from bad luck. Lily has in her a part of esotericism that suits her like a glove. Its look has nevertheless been reinterpreted up to date. Lily is dressed in a pretty transparent kimono, the color of which evolves from a mauve purple to a purer white. Like all Kimmi Fragrance dolls, Lily wears a square in the shape of a helmet. A pretty flower even crept into her black hair for a wildly feminine result.

The floral breath of the Lily fragrance

Lily is for all young women. It is both romantic and poetic, and looks like a huge bouquet of flowers. More precisely, it places the accent on the rose and the peony, two famous flowers of women’s perfumery. Raspberry, peach and mulberry leaves give it a more fruity and sparkling side. Referring to Japanese culture, Lily also contains a scent of rice, a staple food in this country. The ylang-ylang reminds all the exoticism of this perfume. Vanilla envelops everything, and makes this composition smoother and syrupier. Finally, Lily is based on a base of white musk for a smooth and airy result. To appeal to the fairer sex even more, Lily contains a hint of liquorice. His greed therefore plunges us into a more candid and playful world. Since then,

The scent of little girls: Lily

The sparkling fragrance of Lily by Kimmi Fragrance. The new girls’ brand inspired by the Kimmidoll brand.

A very girlish floral note sublimates the rose and the peony. Lily lives in a magical universe, where fruity notes play the card of freshness. This deliciously powdery fragrance is inspired by pink sugar. The delicate vanilla and musk contrast and soften the intensity of the liquorice. Lily is full of good humor and surprises …

A faithful interpretation of the famous doll, translated with a gradient lacquered bottle and dressed in a stylized pad printing representing the doll’s dress. The volume hood, which takes the face of the doll, covers the bottle to make it a real collector’s item. Playful, the case sets the doll in a graphic and colorful way. Its matte finish combined with touches of selective gloss varnish add sophistication to this universe full of color and softness.

Kimmi - LilyIn each case: a sheet of dedicated stickers to personalize your bottle. A “passport”, a small leaflet presenting the entire Kimmi Fragrance range.

This perfume will appeal to the little girl attracted by the doll-shaped bottle to the greatest seduced by the “kawai” universe of the brand:

Three Kimmi Fragrance:

  • Niki – Kimmidoll
  • Mimi – Kimmidoll
  • Lily – Kimmidoll

Parfum Fille

Famille Olfactive : Poudré

Notes de Tête : Feuille de Mûrier, Framboise, Pêche.

Notes de Coeur : Rose, Pivoine, Ylang-Ylang.

Notes de Fond : Riz, Vanille, Musc Blanc.

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