New Gloss Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss

New Gloss Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss
New Gloss Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss

Clinique announces the release of its Pop Splash Lip Gloss for spring 2018

The Clinique brand was created in 1967 and continues to be talked about. Her initial ambition was to make beauty accessible to all women. Today, Clinique has become the largest premium beauty brand on the planet. Its notoriety is the result of constant innovations. Clinique is always attentive to women, and in perfect harmony with the trends of its time. Today, as if to celebrate the big comeback of the gloss on the front of the stage, Clinique has decided to reveal to us what would be its next make-up asset for spring 2018. Focus on Clinique’s Pop Splash Lip Gloss .

The gloss, a product once forgotten but once again in the spotlight

The gloss is a beauty product which marked the 90s considerably. However, it then became the “unloved of the make-up department”. It was, in this case, considered too clingy, not classy, ​​too shiny, not glamorous enough,… However, this make-up, sometimes considered childish, is currently making a comeback. In the meantime, it has changed a lot. Many innovations have allowed him to restore his image, and the gloss could well again succumb. Its texture has now become fine and light. Its shine catches the eye and captures the light. Thus, the gloss is the ideal product to bring radiance to your face and give more volume to your mouth.. Thus, it is a particularly recommended product if you have rather thin lips. It offers maximum volume and is often enriched with many nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients. Thus, the gloss is no longer content to just make up you. It sublimates you day by day.

Pop Splash Lip Gloss, a hybrid between skincare and makeup

Clinique Pop Splash Lip Gloss is a new generation product that is both rich and light. As its name suggests, this is a new gloss that builds more specifically on the success of its predecessor: Clinique’s Pop Lip Color. This makeup benchmark was a rich and light lipstick, combining saturated color with a smoothing effect. Like him, the Pop Splash Lip Gloss has the same characteristics. It just seems to have changed texture.

The Pop Splash Lip Gloss is presented to us in a small transparent tube allowing us to glimpse its color, and simply topped with a silver cap signed with the name of Clinique. Pop Splash Lip Gloss offers a perfect combination of colors and shine. Its water-based vinyl texture is enriched with moisturizing agents, so as to durably improve the appearance of your mouth, to nourish it and to protect it. Pop Splash Lip Gloss comes in an infinite number of colors. Thus, it will give free rein to all your desires and will harmonize perfectly with each of you looks.